Care & General Instructions

First and foremost, I always recommend using a squeegee after using the shower. But obviously there will also be cleaning involved so here are options using common household products. The use of a Scotch-Brite cleaning pad ONLY THE WHITE OR BLUE COLORS with a cleaner is a great way to combat any buildup. Other colors of Scoth-Brite pads will damage your glass. If you use the Scotch-Brite cleaning pads with Dawn dish soap you will probably be successful. A sponge that won't scratch the glass will also work. I have been told the Magic Eraser by Mr Clean works well.

For heavy build-up of soaps and calcium deposits, here are some cleaners recommended by the Ritec, the manufacturer of the ClearShield glass coatings.

Use of NON-CAUSTIC cleaners which include:

Vinegar & Water

5 parts Vinegar and 1 part water

Dawn Dish Soap

Can be found at most grocery stores

Arm & Hammer

Arm and Hammer Clean Shower Daily

Clorox Green Works

Clorox Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner


CLR Fresh Scent Bath and Kitchen Daily Multi-Surface Cleaner


Lysol Bathroom Cleaner 4 in 1

Scrubbing Bubbles

Scrubbing Bubbles Natures Source Bathroom Cleaner


Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Shower Cleaner

Personally I squeegee after every shower and leave the shower door open to air out. On occasion, I take a dirty towel that will be going directly into the wash and use it to wipe down all the surfaces so the shower dries faster. I rarely need to use chemicals to clean the shower using this method.

Note: If you have a water softener, it is critical that you squeegee and/or wipe down until glass is completely dry after each shower as the softener is adding salt to your water which can cause damage over time.

Links that may help you:

I hope this helps, please feel free to contact me at (678) 477-1389 if you have any more questions.