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Here's a little bit about us...

Our company, Specialized Home Services, also known as The Shower Door Guy, has over 23 years' experience installing shower enclosures, specialty glass, and mirror. We can install framed or frameless shower doors and also tub sliders. European designs may call for a shower screen (or a tub screen) which is also typical to use instead of a sliding tub enclosure.

We also specialize in Glass Entry Systems used for store entrances typical of malls and offices. Glass Entry Systems can also be used as room partitions, not only commercial applications but also for residential needs.

Specialized Home Services proudly serves all of the Atlanta metro areas, western South Carolina, and northern Alabama from our Suwanee location. Whether you need glass, for your home or business, Specialized Home Services is here to serve you.

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Why Choose Us?

Your choice of hardware styles

You get your pick between beveled hinges, custom handles, glass chips or glass clamps, U-channel, or any other hardware you choose for us to use.

Custom-cut glass doors

Your glass doors will be cutom-cut to ensure a snug fit in tight spaces. If your glass isn't fitting quite right, let us know and we'll cut it to fit.

New products, including sliding bar systems

Today's options and resources are always changing and growing. We appreciate the challenge of pushing the limits of new boundaries, and are open to accommodating creative designs and ideas.

Reliable hinges

We use clear Lucite silicone gaskets instead of the black gasket supplied by the hinge manufacturer. Clear Lucite gaskets will hold more weight and will never rot out, posing a liability issue.

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